Sri K.Chandrashekhar Rao

Sri K.Chandrashekhar Rao

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Sri K.Taraka Rama Rao

Sri K.Taraka Rama Rao

Hon'ble Minister for Industries,

MA & UD, NRI Affairs

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About Jalam-Jeevam

Exhorting the people of twin cities to participate in development works, Municipal Minister KT Rama Rao has said that "Jalam Jeevam" program launched to check groundwater problem. He addressed "Mana Nagaram" program here with Minister P Mahender Reddy, Mayor B Rammohan and others. KTR sought that "Jalam Jeevam" program aims to involve people to achieve growth in the city. The minister directed the officials to take up the program and levy fine to house owners if they failed to take steps for it. Recharge Pits are essential to increase groundwater level and the drive will be taken to create awareness he said.

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Water is essential to all life forms on earth – human, animal and vegetation. It is therefore important that adequate supplies of water be developed to sustain such life. Development of water supplies should, however, be undertaken in such a way as to preserve the hydrological balance and the biological functions of our ecosystems. Consequently, the human endeavour in the development of water sources must be within the capacity of nature to replenish and to sustain. If this is not done, costly mistakes can occur with serious consequences. The application of innovative technologies and the improvement of indigenous ones should therefore include management of the water sources to ensure sustainability and to safeguard the sources against pollution.

As land pressure rises, cities are growing vertical and in countryside more forest areas are encroached and being used for agriculture. In India the small farmers depend on Monsoon where rainfall is from June to October and much of the precious water is soon lost as surface runoff. While irrigation may be the most obvious response to drought, it has proved costly and can only benefit a fortunate few. There is now increasing interest in the low-cost alternative-generally referred to as ‘Rain Water Harvesting’ (RWH).

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Water supply in urban area is always short against the total demand. Surface water is inadequate to meet our demand and we have to depend on ground water. Due to rapid urbanization, infiltration of rainwater into the subsoil has decreased drastically and recharging of ground water has diminished. This scenario requires an alternative source to bridge the gap between demand and supply. Rainwater, which is easily available and is the purest form of water, would be an immediate source to augment the existing water supply by “catching water wherever it falls”.

Rainwater Harvesting has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional perennial sources of water in hilly areas, in places where the level of fluoride and arsenic is above permissible limits and in urban areas facing water shortage and flooding during monsoons.

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Underground water is one of the important sources of water in urban areas. With increasing urbanization, underground water has been indiscriminately exploited, causing depletion in water table and water availability. It is very evident from the number of failing borewells/Open wells that it is unsustainable to pump out water from wells without recharging the same from the rain water. To reverse the trend or to reduce the effect of over exploitation, ground water recharge needs to be taken up on a large scale at residential and institutional buildings.

There are many methods of ground water recharge. Following are few methods for recharging groundwater using rain water from rooftop of buildings and other sources:

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